Take Me Dancing

Developed around a funky drum groove, this song represents a little different approach to songwriting than normal for me. I tend to start out with a melody, and the basis for each song is usually something I can strum and hum. Here, playing around with a drum sampler I found a loop which made my foot tap. So I grabbed an instrument, hit the red button, and just started to play along.

The song built from there, and it’s based around loops and parts, whereas normally I would have a song outline from start to finish. The melody built gradually as well, and was adorned with words along the way.

The first version had me singing it. While that was ok, I sure don’t possess the necessary skills to make a melody really fly in a funky r&b setting like this one. So I asked my daughter Amanda Persson if she’d like to have a go at it. Even though only 15, she already has the goods, the energy and the technique. Luckily, she thought the song was pretty cool and agreed to spend a couple of hours in the studio with her old man… The result was really great, her vocals are awesome!

I asked Robert to try for some clavinet licks when we were having the keyboard session. We didn’t spend a whole lot of time on it, but it turned out an essential part of the groove, especially after I found the sampled sound of an old Hohner to use.



Take Me Dancing

(Words & Music by Jana Persson)

Take me up
Take me down
Take me in
Show me around
Take the tour and you will see

Shake me up
Shake me down
Shake me good
Don’t slow me down
Shake the apple from the tree

Work me up
Work me down
Work me right
Into the ground
Work together that’s the key

Swing me up
Swing me down
Swing me round
Take me to town
Swing me right and you will see

Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Just take me dancing
Take me dancing, yeah, yeah

Hit the floor and
Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme
Grooving to the music
Losing space and time
Feel the power
Feel it rushing through my veins
Ears are screaming louder
Losing all the reins

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