Back around the weeks leading up to RPM 2011, I made a blog post on the site, saying that I’d gladly try to put music to any lyrics someone might have lying around.  The idea was that if I got lucky, maybe something would pair up with some of the idle melody snippets littering about my studio. A fellow named Will Gough sent me the poem “Again”.

I saw immediately that it had potential. It was artfully composed, a well spun story and it had rhythm. I didn’t plan on writing a bossa for it, though. That just happened. It happened to be lying on the desk when I was fooling around with a gut string guitar, landing on a jazz progression that I thought sounded a little cool. So I recorded the idea and decided to try and fit a melody to it that would cater for these words. It turned out that wasn’t so very hard to do, and all of a sudden I found myself with an almost complete song in my lap! It needed a B-part, so I came up with a variation on the chord progression, and, not wanting to touch the lyrics too much, just spun on the title for a refrain. Turned out quite nice!

I programmed a bossa percussion groove and recorded the basic instruments around that, guitar, vocals, bass. I actually never went back and redid any of it. Janne Hedlund added some really nice drums, and Robert Wirensjö adorned it with a musky electric piano. It still lacked a solo though – there was a great big hole in the middle of it that I was not looking forward to at all trying to fill…

But I was in luck as Hasse Johnzon happily agreed to do a solo part as an encore to the amazing pedal steel work he’d already contributed on a couple of other songs. And, what a great solo it was! I think this was done late in the evening on the 28th. Actually the very last thing recorded for the album!



(Words by Will Gough, Music by Jana Persson)

I return to you
I change direction
I come home

I found what I lost
I gain your comfort
I settle in

You skip time
You don’t miss a beat
Your arms open

You envelope me
You surround with warmth
You completely

The game changes
The pattern repeats
The tables turn

The petals wither
The beauty blackens
The day darkens

I struggle
I fail
I fall

I vow to change
I plan to leave
I lie to myself

You say forever
The lies are clever
And I say never


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