4. Try Again

This song was inspired by the great Swedish songwriter Evert Taube. I hope to have conveyed at least some of the vivaciousness and flare of his truly great spirit of songwriting.

While I can never hope to approach his lyrical genious, this song is about waking up from the dreariness of everyday life to the fact that you only get one shot at it, so go live a life worth living. Like Evert’s.

Try Again


Done with my duties and done for the day
Dust in my throat and a pocket of pay
Bar looks enticing, better than staring at walls
Crammed in a corner, content for a while
The stranger beside me looks up with knowing smile

You wanna see the world
Behold the oyster’s pearl
Grab your hat and get going
Cause life won’t wait around for stragglers like you
It goes around and round
And once you’re lost you’re found
Make the most of your days – you don’t get to try again

Lured in the rhythm of stories and lore
Tales of adventure like nothing before
Made my commitment, made it right there and then
No more commuter town blue-collar lies
Where living’s reduced to the quest for a soft demise

You wanna see the world …

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