2. The Homecoming

A rockin’ tune. It turned out quite better than I’d hoped for, and also a little different. I re-wrote the chorus part for the Challenge, lowering it a whole note.

The lyrics are about this guy having a night out, when his long lost girlfriend, the Hollywood Starlet, suddenly turns up at the bar. And it turns out there’s still some embers glowing.

The Homecoming

Party time, drinking time
Look what’s coming in the door
Famous looks, famous stares
Jaws are dropping on the floor

She was eighteen, chasing a dream
I was stagnant, at twenty-four
Well, what goes round comes around
So watch it what you’re wishing for

Where you’re headed, no-one can follow you
It’s a wild ride, it’ll take you for a spin
California, Tinseltown, land of your dreams

Sun goes down, moon goes down
There is only me and her
Find my feet – eyes that meet
Years of cherished hope unfurl

She was mine but I gave her away
To her longing, her great desire
So, here we are – near but far
Ten years late but still on fire

Where you’re headed …

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