Tumbleweed Trail

There once was a country-rock outfit called Tumbleweed Trail. The band was formed back in 1995 from the remnants of Swedish pop act Vagabond and inspired by a project called Redeye, which was an acoustic trio busking Eagles covers around Sweden in the summertime. This was supposed to be the electric variant of Redeye, albeit featuring original material as well. The band existed for five years, and although it never secured a recording deal, it performed on national TV as well as on national radio, and earned well deserved respect among the musician and artist communities in Sweden. There was never a shortage of renowned artists lining up to make guest appearances at our gigs, as we hosted weekly country clubs at different locations around Sweden.

We haven’t played together for eight long years. But now we’re reforming. We’re currently assembling new material, as well as gathering old stuff that deserves a second shot in a serious recording environment.

I’m expecting great stuff to emerge from this. Eight more years of experience, practice and perspective will leverage even greater songs and even deeper musical awareness.

For a taste of Tumbleweed Trail’s music, check out the “Legacy” album!

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    Eric Beard Says:

    I remember you guys from ages ago. I’d love to purchase this album to support you. The music was great and I missed hearing this for years. (Lost everything due to a computer reformat and your old website was down).

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