New old music

I have made another two albums available, consisting of older material.

The first one is called “I En Annan Tid” (“In Another Time”), and contains some of the music of the band Vagabond. This material is pop-rock and the lyrics are in Swedish. It was recorded at various studio sessions taking place in the years 1989-92.

The second album is a compilation of demo songs recorded by Tumbleweed Trail during the second half of the 90’s. I decided to name this abum “Legacy”.

I do not possess the master tapes of any of the recording sessions with these bands. All of the music has been digitalized from old cassette tape copies, which has the unfortunate consequence that some of it may be a little bit on the noisy side. Sorry about that.

Listen to the music online with the embedded Flash player, or download a zip archive of the entire album to your computer. Lyrics to the songs are available upon request.

Vagabond – I En Annan Tid
Tumbleweed Trail – Legacy


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