Some words on how to handle content on this site.

First of all: Content here is sounds, images and text. Excepting such sounds, images or text that belongs to plug-in programs or layout that I’m using as is, and have collected from a third party. For that content, other licensing schemes may apply.

All downloadable content on this site is made available under the “Creative Commons License”. This license permits your free use and handling of sounds, pictures and text, under basically three conditions:

1. You are obligated to keep attributions and licensing info intact and in connection with the material.

2. You may not without my prior consent use any of the stuff for commercial purposes. (And that includes broadcasts in any form and usage on any website.)

3. You may not without my prior consent use part or parts of any of the content to derive some other work with it.

The “without my prior consent” part is important. I’ll more than likely grant you the use, if you just tell me about it. For the gospel truth and legally correct information about this licence, please go to the Creative Commons website linked to below. Because that’s what really goes, the above is just my loose interpretation of it.

Oh, and any type of streaming media available from this site is not to be regarded as “downloadable content”!


Creative Commons License

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Sweden License.

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