2013 – Delicate Danseuse

delicate-danseuse-coverThe 2013 Strummindude RPM Challenge album (I might as well start refering to them simply as “albums” instead of that ridiculously long term, as I do no other ones) wound up  being entitled “Delicate Danseuse”. The story of that is quite simple. I needed names for two classical pieces that I wrote. One of them was a melancholy and somewhat coy waltz, like a hesitant ballerina. The other one more of a funny romp, a kaleidoscope of themes vaguely Germanic in texture. So I figured alliteration was probably a good idea. And after some pondering for a while I decided upon “Delicate Danseuse” for the waltz and “Bavarian Bagatelle” for the romp. And so, after I found this exquisite picture of a prima ballerina, the naming of the album was a nobrainer.

I had great help with the lyrics on the album by Will Gough. Also, my Californian Irish friend Brian McCloskey agreed to donate a piece of lyric for me to put music to.

Musically, basically the usual suspects are to be held accountable. Unfortunately, Janne Hedlund couldn’t participate to the extent of previous albums, but Johan Dereborn helped me out with bass and some additional backing vocals on a couple of tracks and Robban Wirensjö contributed some excellent keyboard parts. Enough to lend some extra shine to the tracks.

I’m pretty happy with the way the album turned out. The songs are as diverse as ever, ranging from the classical pieces to soul pop and even a flirt with progressive rock in an odd time signature.


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