2014 – 35:05

This year, making an RPM album was more of a struggle than usual. The material didn’t come easy, and I ended up having to use two old song and re-record them. Even with that, I just barely made the challenge with the margin of a cat’s whisker. It’s only eight songs and the length exceedes the minimum requirement of 35 minutes by a mere five seconds. Hence the title…

The album turned out pretty ok though, much to the credit of the fine bunch of friends who graciously agreed to contribute to it. Will Gough helped out with the words again on three of the songs. Janne Hedlund handled the drums with his usual finesse and Hasse Johnzon‘s invaluable chops polished up the songs with pedal steel, lap steel and some additional guitars. The two Roberts Wirensjö and Ivansson each participated on two songs, on keyboards and bass respectively.

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