2015 – V.A.C.U.A

February has been and gone, so here’s yet another Strummindude RPM album: V.A.C.U.A

Strangely, coming up on the challenge this year I was lacking melodies. I had a couple of ok ideas for songs but nothing composed or written down. I had a couple of funky song titles, and that was about it. I started the challenge recording three whole songs with not a clue as to the melody line. That was novel. But at least I got things recorded and the material kept building up nicely.

Eventually, I worked out melodies and added lyrics with a little help from Will Gough on two of the songs. They came in long this year. The songs average some 5:30 a piece. So even though there’s only seven songs on the album, meeting the limit of 35 minutes was never a problem.

Big thanks are owed to my fellow musicians – Janne Hedlund handled the drumming excellently and Hasse Johnzon excelled with some brilliant string work on pedal, lap steel and some additional electric guitars. Also Kenta Brännlund made a guest appearance on lead guitar, shredding his heart out on Needle’s Eye, a metal influenced number.

Over all, a great bunch of songs in my own humble opinion. Please enjoy!

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