Tumbleweed Trail – Legacy

Tumbleweed Trail, a Swedish country-rock/modern bluegrass band, was founded in 1995 by Jana Persson, Johan Dereborn and Ulf Hedin as an extension to their “Redeye”-project, a trio doing acoustic versions of Eagles-songs and busking around town to finance their beer-drinking habits. They were joined by Lennart Westberg on guitars and mandolin, Mikael Wikman on drums and not least by Roger Gustafsson, who provided the band with the essential sounds of banjo, dobro, lap steel and and steel guitar.

Tumbleweed Trail, second editionAfter the first set of demo songs were cut, Ulf quit the band to focus on other projects, and the band decided to replace him with Robert Wirensjö, who added keyboards and accordion. Some time later, Mikael was replaced by Fredrik Sannebro behind the drums.

This lineup (picture) cut a second demo with producer Micke Lyander at Sandkvie Studios, in a semi-serious attempt to gain commercial interest in the band. Although the original intent failed to be realized, the result was a collection of very well produced songs. Micke also re-mixed the first demo, to put the material more in line with the overall sound.

If the band had attracted the record companies enough to produce an album at this point, it would likely have resulted in something like this collection of songs.

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    […] The second album is a compilation of demo songs recorded by Tumbleweed Trail during the second half of the 90’s. I decided to name this abum “Legacy”. […]

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    […] For a taste of Tumbleweed Trail’s music, check out the “Legacy” album! […]

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    […] När jag hade valt och vrakat färdigt så visade det sig att det räckte till för att kompilera två stycken “nya album” av den gamla musiklump jag samlat på mig. En platta med Vagabond, och en med Tumbleweed Trail. […]

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