2009 – Writing On The Wall

Writing On The Wall CD cover

Writing On The Wall CD cover

This album, like last year’s, was made as part of the RPMChallenge. Unlike last years album, however, this was not a solitary effort involving only me. I had the very good fortune of enjoying the help of some very fine musician friends of mine during the process of making this album.

Janne Hedlund – played most of the drums throughout, and also helped with some backing vocals on the odd track. Janne lives close by, so I bugged him a lot whenever I needed advice.

Hasse Johnzon – also a local of Ekerö. Hasse was a member of Tumbleweed Trail towards the end of that endeavour, and he’s a very accomplished guitarist who also handles steel guitar and dobro with equal finesse. Hasse is also a regular columnist in Swedish guitar mag Fuzz Magazine.

Roger Gustafsson – one of the founding members of Tumbleweed Trail. We call him the walking music store – there’s probably not a type of stringed instrument in existence that he doesn’t own and handles with great skill. He did almost all instrumental overdubs and co-wrote two tracks on the album, contributing electric and acoustic guitars, dobro, banjo, mandolin, bass, etc…

Robert Wirensjö – he and I go back a long time, as he’s been a part of almost every musical endeavour I’ve undertaken in the past 20 years or so. He came round to my house one Sunday and did all of the keyboards for the album in just under 6 hours. Extraordinary talent.

Micke Hujanen – did some stunning guitar work on two of the songs. This is the type of guy who starts building his guitar sound by going out in the forest and knocking on tree trunks, to see which one he’s going to cut down and use for the body.  And his meticulousness shows on his parts – they are extremely soulfully played, with a refined perception.

Steve Gintz – I got to know Steve during last year’s RPM Challenge. He is a multi instrumentalist and I really loved his songs and his playing, which he does all himself on his albums. He very graciously agreed to contribute some trumpet work to the Writing On The Wall, in spite of having his hands full finishing his own RPM project.

Hear The Album:

Lyrics and liner notes:

1. Writing On The Wall (Persson)

2. Gimme Water (Persson)

3. Good Times Again (Persson)

4. Always Have a Haven (Gustafsson, Persson)

5. Dark Eyed Lover (Persson)

6. Stay With You (Persson)

7. Nightmare Land (Persson, Tenpenny, Gustafsson)

8. CO2 (Persson)

9. Leave It All Behind (Persson)

10. Night Train (Tenpenny, Persson)

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